myriaCrossPic Full

myriaCrossPic Full 1.13.00

Converts photos to cross stitch patterns

myriaCrossPic Full is a utility tool that converts your photographs to cross stitch patterns and edits them. You can choose your threads from more than 230 palettes, 12 frame colors and finalize your pattern with the internal editor by creating or removing stitches, adjusting size or filling regions among other options.

With myriaCrossPic Full you can load your photograph from . bmp, . gif or . jpg formats or from the clipboard. This tool enables you to define the background, free hand or choose from available shapes such as rectangular or elliptical.

You can also remove the background by either b clearing the inside or outside. myriaCrossPic Full has an easy to use interface that allows you to adjust size and color count.

Isolated pixels can also be removed automatically. This utility is available in different languages and is ideal for those who want to transform their photos in an artistic way.